Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

Google Drive - Google drive has endless uses and with an education account, the storage is unlimited. Files can be stored and shared between students, students and the teacher, and within various groups of students. Files stored on Google Drive can be shared with one another, viewed simultaneously, and have annotated notes made on documents by peers and by the teacher. Google Drive is suitable for middle school students to adults and is free of charge. Find out more about Google Drive and its uses here and view a tutorial here

EvernoteEvernote is a helpful extension for both students and teachers. It can be used for organizing notes, emails, pictures and websites. This extension would be useful for teachers as well as students from middle school to adult age. Teachers can distribute documents grouped together to students, and students can organize various projects within this Chrome extension as well. To view tutorials on using Evernote in the classroom, click here and here.

EasyBib - This extension is helpful for students of all ages. It teaches students how to cite any resources used when writing research papers. It also assists with helping students find credible sources and how to synthesize information critically. It provides note-taking tools and allows students to save research. This Chrome extension is an excellent resource for any teacher who is teaching students how to write research papers, especially ELA and Social Studies teachers. Click here for a tutorial on how to use this extension. 

Quizlet - This extension is available as a Chrome Extension and an iPad App which can be used interchangeable through students' accounts. Students and teachers can share content with one another to study terms through flashcards and games. This extension is suitable for students from upper elementary to adult. It can be used to assign homework and encourage students to study. Click here for a useful tutorial for teachers on how to implement Quizlet in the classroom. 

PowToon - Powtoon is an app that is  free and easy to use. It is suitable for upper elementary to adult students and educators. It gives the students the ability to create animated presentations and animated videos. Teachers could use the extension to develop lessons in the Flipped Classroom setting. Students could use this extension to create a presentation on a topic studied in class.  For a tutorial for teachers on using Powtoon, click here. For a tutorial for students, click here.

BuzzMath - BuzzMath is an app that focuses on learning and practicing middle school mathematics skills. It promotes mastery through immediately detailed feedback and randomly generated values that allows missed problems to be retried. It also contains tools that allow teachers to follow student progress through detailed reports. This extension would be a great addition to any middle school math classroom. Click here for more information. Games cover all middle school standards. Classes can be created with the paid version, though students may go through all the standards and not save their work for free. 

Connected Mind 
- Connected Mind allows students to draw mind maps, store them in the cloud for free and access them anywhere and share them with others. This extension is helpful when collaborating with one another, researching, and discussion ideas in any content area. This extension can be used by upper elementary students to adults. A tutorial for using this extension can be found here.