Emergency Procedures

South Middle School Emergency


It is imperative that all staff members are aware of emergency procedures and actions they should take before they occur. Please review the following procedures and be familiar with them. You should also be sure that your students are aware of actions they should take during an emergency situation. It is suggested that you review these procedures with your students the first week of school. For More information on how to keep your students safe, click the red hyperlinks.

For a printable quick reference guide, please click here.


  • Turn off lights and close door after last student has left room.
  • Evacuate building in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit.
  • Position students as far from the building as possible
  • Take grade book; account for all students.
  • If it is a drill, listen for signal to return to class.
  • If it is a real emergency, wait for further instructions from administration.
  • If you are the first to notice a fire, pull alarm and call 911.


  • If a Tornado Watch is announced, it indicates conditions are right for a tornado. Be Alert!
  • If a Tornado Warning siren sounds, teachers should take students to a designated area in the hall way.
  • Students are to couch facing the wall with their heads covered until further directions are given or an “all clear” announcement is made.
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Explosion or Earthquake

  • All students and teachers should assume a duck and covered position under tables/desks while holding onto the tables/desks
  • Stay in position until evacuation symbol given
  • When signal given, evacuate to the nearest exit
  • Earthquake Safety at School

Medical Emergency

Bomb Threat

  • Account for all students; take grade book with you.
  • Evacuate building-get as far away from building as possible.
  • Keep bystanders away from incident.
  • Comfort injured person until help arrives.
  • Leave lights ON.
  • Leave doors OPEN.
  • Do not use cell phones or walkie-talkies.
  • Account for all students after evacuation.
  • Listen for further instructions from administration.

Dealing With Student Disturbances

  • Identify office immediately after a physical altercation has occurred.
  • Acquire adequate assistance before attempting to break up an active physical altercation.
  • Utilize verbal commands with students involved in alteration to ensure they are aware that staff members are attempting to stop the altercation.
  • Students should immediately be separated as soon as altercation has been dissolved.
  • Evaluate any injuries.
  • Document accounts of each student regarding what happened.
  • A report to law enforcement is required if there are visible signs of injury or in the event that it is obvious a violation of state law is present.
  • Staff member trained in non-violent crisis intervention (CPI) are encouraged to be utilized in these situation .
  • School administration should be notified of ALL incidents involving physical altercations.
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