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South Middle School Administration

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Photo of Burton
Photo of Schwartz

Brent Chavous, Interim Principal

Michelle Burton, Assistant Principal

Chris Davis, Assistant Principal

Shelby Schwartz, Assistant Principal


Photo of McDaniel
Photo of Crenshaw.

Meghan McDaniel, School Counselor

TBD, School Counselor

Kelly Crenshaw, Guidance Secretary/Title 1


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Image of SMS placeholder
Image of SMS placeholder

Julie Jackson, Nurse

Debbie Henry, Attendance 

Anna Massey, Bookkeeper

Joanne Brown, Receptionist


Photo of Fishman
Photo of Hudson
Photo of C. Robinson

Gerald Fishman, Psychologist

Rosa Hudson, Parent Liaison

Chris Robinson, ISS Monitor

Deputy Phillip Taylor, SRO

Team 1

Photo of Bryant
Photo of Swaby
Photo of Woods

David Bryant, Social Studies


Oniquca Swaby, Science

Beverly Woods, Math

Team 2

Photo of Brown
Photo of Kirk
Photo of Martin

Stephanie Brown, Science

Alicia Swann, ELA

Curtarus  Kirk, Social Studies

Katheryn Martin, Math

Team 3

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Photo of Plyler

Lucy Gardner, ELA

Stephen Quartey, Math

Cameron Patterson, Science

Kayla Plyler, Social Studies

Team 4

Photo of Clyburn
Photo of Cole
Photo of Mann
Photo of Robinson

Jimmie Clyburn, ELA

Keita Cole, Social Studies

Steve Mann, Math

Ronnie Robinson, Science

Team 5

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Photo of Burdette-Traywick

Hannah Merrill, ELA

Matthew Burton, Social Studies

Beth Thurmond, Math/Algebra 

Samantha Burdette-Traywick, Science

Team 6

Photo of Blue
Photo of Campbell
Photo of Edling
Photo of Simianakis

James Blue, Science

Josianne Campbell, ELA

Addie Edling,  Math/Algebra

Pete Simianakis, Social Studies

Team 7

Photo of Baskin
Photo of Flowers
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Ellisa Baskin, Enrichment

Jouslyn Flowers, We Belong

Courtney McCrea, We Belong

Photo of Meadows.
Photo of Stroud

Saundra Meadows, Enrichment/TL

Flechia Priode, We Belong

Susan Stroud, We Belong

Team 7 Aides

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Richard Adams

Cheryl Catoe 

Randy Grove

Pearlie Tucker

Erica Witherspoon


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Photo of Parker

Dawn Killough, Reading/Math

Rhonda Parker, LLI Interventionist

Timothy Roberts, Middle School 101

Team 8 (Exploratory)

Photo of Eudy
Photo of Lilly

Nancy Faile, Art

Carol Smith, STEAM

Taylor Eudy, Band

LeighAnn Lily, Chorus

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Kenneth Proctor P.E.

Paula Scales, Computer

McKenzie Stribling, P.E. 

Deborah Meadows, Career Exploration


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Elia Huffstickler, ESOL


Photo of Martin
Photo of Prince

Michelle Martin, Librarian

Rose Prince, ChromebookTech/Library Assistant